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Do I need to get architectural approval?    

  • Yes. For ANY outdoor changes or maintenance, you are required to submit an Architectural Application.  Failure to obtain Architectural Approval before starting ANY work may reeult in a fine and you will be issued a Stop work order.  Architectual approval can take up to 45 days.  We understand the urgency and most complete applications with all drawings and proper color/product samples are approved within a week of submittal.

What if I am painting the same color, do I still need an Architectural Application?

  • Yes.  All painting requires an Architectural Application and require a 4 foot by 4 foot sample to be painted on the ENTRY side of the Garage for the neighbors and the Architectural Committee to view.  Please paint this sample before submitting the Arch. App or it will be declined.

Fence Styles

Please select one of these approved fence styels to submit with your Arch.App when replacing a fence.



Paint Colors

Please select from one of these color when submitting your Arch. App. for approval.  



Architechtural Application

Please submit this Arch. App. for any repairs, or changes to your home exterior or property.


Approved Fence Styles
Please attach copy of fence style to your Arch. App. when replacing or repairing your fence.
fence list .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [63.1 KB]
Suggested Paint Colors
Using this Dunn Edwards guide, please select a paint color. If you would like a color that is one SHADE lighter or darker, please obtain a sample to submit with your Arch. App. . NOTE: All painting requires an Arch. App. The fine is very high for painting without approval and you may have to repaint your home.
Evergreen Lakeviw Suggested Paint Colors[...]
Portable network image format [127.3 KB]
Evergreen Lakeview Architectural Application
Please use this Architectural Application for any repairs, or changes to your home exterior or property.
Architectural application 8-11-17.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [209.5 KB]

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