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Pesticide Spray Notification Feb 27, 2020 thru March 20, 2020
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Weed Treatment Common Areas

Artistic Maintenance, Inc. will be treating for Weeds February 27, 2020 thru March 20, 2020 throughout areas of  Evergreen Lakeview. Click below for more information and precautionary statements concerning the chemicals.


Artistic Maintenance, Inc is a responsible steward of the environment. Any control product used in the landscape is employed with Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  best management practices. We use  a combination of biological, cultural, physical/mechanical and chemical management tools.

You can learn more about IPM by clicking on the following link; http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/GENERAL/whatisipm.html


Please contact our office if you should have any questions or require further information.

Artistic Maintenance

P.O. Box 1569

Lake Forest, CA 92609

TEL (800) 698-9834/(949) 581-9817; FAX (949) 581-0436


Landscape Renovation Project

The landscape renovation project is complete and the new plants look great and are healthy.  


Please report any dead or dying plants to the HOA.


Evergreen Lakeview HOA
c/o Cardinal Property Management
(714) 779-1300 office


Also please do your part by staying off the slopes.  Walking on the new areas will damage the root system and break sprinklers.  


What about the area behind my house?

Other areas of the community are being planned and will be scheduled.  We will post signs again and notify homeowners on this website when we have the dates. 

SMWD SustainaBlue Landscapes features an interactive garden gallery and plant database to help you figure out how best to implement a sustainable landscape!  Find inspirational designs, beautiful plants, and landscape design assistance.  


Use the Screwdriver Test

You can water carefully and properly, but if the water isn't absorbed, your efforts are wasted. The only way to tell for sure whether the water is soaking in is by testing. Stick an 8-inch screwdriver into the ground after watering. If it goes in 6 inches, you've watered well.

Common Area Landscape

Our landscapers, Artistic Maintenance, regularly maintain the common areas of our community on a weekly schedule.

Please do not interfere with their schedule or agenda, unless it is an emergency.

Our ongoing landscape maintenance is on a pre-planned schedule. Any changes need to be Board approved.

If you have a landscape suggestion or request, we welcome you to attend and participate in one of our bi-monthly HOA meetings or contact Cardinal Property Management.

Contact with all questions and correspondence:  

Evergreen Lakeview HOA
c/o Cardinal Property Management
(714) 779-1300 office


Evergreen Lakeview Homeowners Association

c/o Cardinal Property Management

Office: (714) 779-1300 / Fax:  (714) 779-3400



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